On Friday, September 14, 2012, I began working on this website.  Some told me it was time to try one.  For several months I have been working on a detailed family tree for our family.  I am learning though that the undertaking is extensive.  I will need help.  Right now I do not have enough pictures, facts, or stories to accurately tell the full tale of our family.  Hopefully, I will in time.  My ultimate hope is for this website to be the first step towards a family reunion. 

Today, I finished the Hmong History section of the website.  For most of the older family members, none of it is new news probably.  But my hope is that our children gain a greater understanding of Hmong history and appreciate the struggles our parents went through to bring us to America. 

Much more work needs to be done but I hope that in the next few weeks I will have enough completed that I can take the site live. 
4/7/2014 03:18:14 pm

Thank you for sharing this information about your family, it has been fascinating to learn more about it.

11/4/2014 09:49:09 am

Nyob Zoo os,

I am a student currently doing research on my own history and I was wondering who and how I should cite and give credit to in my research? I am also curious as to where and how the information was collected for this website. Also, I would love to hear more and see more developed on this website. I believe that the layout is easy to the eyes and the language is easy to understand. It would be helpful to have a contact page.

Peb ib tug ntxhais Hmoob

Ocean Vang
10/4/2018 01:11:14 am

thank you for all the information I never knew a lot of this


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